Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fernie, BC – Where the Good Times Roll

Oh you bet! The good times are definitely rollin’ in good ol’ Fernietown! The weather has been extraordinary and the fun we’re having just never seems to end! Why should it? Life is too short to sit around wondering whether or not you should come to Fernie…..just do it! You won’t regret it and once you’re here you may never leave! I have encountered many locals who once upon a time came here for a holiday and have been living here ever since…they never left! Fernie has an enigmatic personality…it draws you in and before you know it, as baffling as it may be, you’re moving into your new home! Now I have been coming to Fernie for over 20 years to visit my sister and 2 summers ago I found myself at a crossroads in my life and I spent the majority of that summer driving between Fernie and Vernon (my hometown). Finally my sister asked why on earth I didn’t just move here and by gum, without hesitation, I did! Best decision I ever made!
This community has become so dear to me heart that I doubt I shall ever leave! I love my job and to that end, I love to participate in many community events on behalf of Fernie Lodging Company. Most recently I was on a team in the Golf Fore the Cure tournament which is a fundraiser for breast cancer research. It was a fantastic event at Fernie Golf and Country Club where 18 teams of crazy women dressed in various shades of pink and golfed their hearts out! Our team, of course, went above and beyond and dressed in an Hawaiian theme complete with pink leis, pink flowers in our hair and even a few coconut shells adorned with tropical blooms! Once again this wonderful little town pulled together, donated many amazing draw prizes, silent auction items and of course cash donations and raised close to $8000.
In my last post, I talked about my hikes this summer thus far…I can now add two more! A few weeks ago, we hiked Mount Fernie, over the backside, through Windy Pass and down to Island Lake Lodge (7.5 hours, 16kms) where we rewarded ourselves with icy cold beverages on the Bear Patio; this past weekend we hiked up Cabin Ridge Trail, Cabin Bowl, saw Orca Rock up close and personal, scaled Big Steep Mother (aptly named) and along the ridge (quite narrow in places), then down to Lizard Lake and eventually back to the valley (6.5 hours, not sure of distance but trust me, it felt like at least 25kms!). Sitting atop the highest peak we climbed, enjoying lunch with good friends, was truly one of the most extraordinary moments in my life…breathtaking really. I hope you can all experience it some day! How lucky am I to have such a playground out my back door!
We have a great "Escape to Fernie for August Long" special on our Facebook page so check it out and come out for a visit this weekend! We have other great getaway deals running all summer…perhaps coming out for the Wapiti Music Festival the August 9th and 10th weekend is more up your alley. Whatever dates you choose, I guarantee you will have the best time ever and who knows…you may never leave!
Of course you know that following summer and a short autumn the snow flies and off we go on another epic ski season! We are already busy taking winter bookings…don’t procrastinate and miss out on a Christmas or New Year’s Fernie holiday! Call now!
Let the good times roll in Fernie BC!

Photo: Happy girls high atop the mountain peak!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Before the Summer Gets Away From You.....Make Plans to Come to Fernie BC!

So here we are at the end of June already! Seriously? What the dickens happened to May? Wow…time flies when you’re having fun and here in Fernie BC there is no end to the fun! Isn’t it time you came for a visit to find out exactly what I’m talking about? Oh you bet! I think you need to see for yourself that I’m not just spinning the yarn! You know….telling a tall tale….no fish stories here…oh wait! Fish stories? Why yes, as a matter of fact there are fish stories! Fly fishing opened on the Elk River June 15….we have incredible fishing and some of the best fishing guides you’ll find anywhere! Just imagine yourself in a drift boat, floating down the river…reeling in the “big” one!  Give any one of these renowned companies a call: Elk River Guiding CompanyFernie Wilderness AdventuresKootenay Fly Shop and Guiding Co. or Fernie Fly Fishing. You won’t be disappointed!                                                                            
In all honesty, I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed when visiting our beautiful little piece of heaven! There is always something to do…on your own, as a couple, with your friends or your entire family…Fernie is truly where you want to spend some quality time this summer!  Whether it’s playing in the new Outdoor Water Spray Park at the Fernie Aquatic Centre, hiking to the highest peak, golfing 18 at Fernie Golf and Country Club or mountain biking our incredible trail system….why would you want to go anywhere else?
Fernie Alpine Resort has their preview weekend coming up in their bike park and then their official summer opening is June 29! Have you tried their Rippin’ Zip Line? How about the Aerial Park Adventure? Really? You haven’t? Well it’s high time (no pun intended) you did! I had so much fun last summer it was hard to keep me away! Who knew I was such an adrenalin junkie? Jumping, twirling, hanging, climbing, was absolutely awesome! They’ll be open 7 days a week…no excuses!! You can also treat yourself to a scenic chairlift ride, guided hikes and tours and lunch atop the mountain at Lost Boys Café…and keep your eyes open - you may be lucky enough to see certain members of our local wildlife!

Island Lake Lodge has some incredible hiking trails to offer…a gentle stroll around the lake or head out on one of my favourite trails – Spineback. It is a 3 – 4 hour round trip and highlights not only sub-alpine meadows but also an incredible marine fossil field (including horn corral fossils) so keep you eyes open and your geology book out! Once back down to the beautiful lodges, head to the Bear Lodge Patio where you can order a cold, refreshing beverage and some of the tastiest food in all the land!! Better yet, stay for dinner and enjoy the French inspired Rocky Mountain cuisine in the Ancient Timbers Dining won't regret me!!
Now here is an offer I don’t think you could possibly refuse! Hot off the press! Your Summer Getaway awaits you and where better to stay? The Timbers, of course! It’s an executive 6 bedroom log home and sleeps up to 17!  Stay 7 nights and only pay for 5. Yes you read that correctly - 2 FREE nights!! Check out these other great deals - King Fir Spa June Special or our Bike & Stay Package. Call us now and let us make your sum
mer dreams come true!

Monday, May 13, 2013

When It’s Springtime in the Rockies, You Need to Head to Fernie BC!

These past few days have been absolutely spectacular in our neck of the woods! Bright blue skies, warm sunshine drenching our winter-laden bodies…the mountains are so regal…still draped in their capes of white. The birds are twitterpating, the squirrels are loudly scolding anyone who passes by their humble abodes too close in proximity and the bears are groggily making their way out of hibernation. I actually encountered a somewhat woozy bruin on my bike ride the other day. There he was, grazing away on the fresh green clover alongside a rather steep trail I was endeavouring to conquer. Now, I had some pretty good momentum going, and I did consider stopping to take a picture, but the thought of getting started again on this dreaded incline was enough to put me off of my desire to become a professional wildlife photographer! As I drew closer to this furry fellow, he lifted his head and we had a bit of a stare down…I didn’t break eye contact and then when I was within about 30ft of him, I raised my voice and proclaimed loudly, “Hey buddy – what are you lookin’ at?” To which he cocked his head to one side as if to say, “Certainly not you!” and went back to his tender green morsels. At that point I pedalled like I’ve never pedalled before, shot past him and made it to the top in record time with nary a scratch! Good grief…that was one heck of a cardio workout! I don’t recommend it….but I do love a little adventure in my life, much to the chagrin of my children. I think they sometimes have a hard time believing I’m actually their Mother!
Speaking of Mothers…Mother’s Day is coming up…what are you doing for your Mom? Why not treat her to a day at The King Fir Spa? They are running 5 great deals for under $100 each! From rejuvenating facials to a foot soak and scrub followed by a relaxing massage, let them take care of your Mom on her special day…hope my kids are reading this!! But wait! That’s not all! Why not delight your Mom (and maybe Dad) to accommodation as well! It’s going to be a beautiful sunny weekend...the outdoor swimming pool is ready for business and we have a plethora of suites available! If you book anything in the Spa, you will receive a 10% discount on any accommodation for a 2 night stay this weekend! The code word? Mommy Dearest!
Fernie is definitely ‘Spring’ing to life…the golf course is open, the single track trails are drying out beautifully and the fishing has begun! What are you waiting for? Come visit us and let us share with you the place we call home…Fernie, BC….the best little coal town in the East Kootenays!
Let us plan your vacation – it’s what we do!

Monday, January 21, 2013

So This One Time In Fernie I……

You know, I go on and on about the skiing in Fernie and as you may have ascertained, I am an avid skier…my first boots were lace ups and my skis were wood with bear trap bindings. No, I’m not THAT old, but with 5 kids in our family…well, you get the idea….my parents were….thrifty. But that didn’t stop us….no sir! My brother Rob went on to race on the Canadian National Ski Team for 13 years, my sister Sue made the Canadian Freestyle Team and my sister Sandra raced on the BC Team. My brother Ian and I went more for the artsy music side but both of us loved to hit the slopes on any given day. Skiing is in our blood and my parents, now in their mid seventies are still skiing up a storm! As kids, we were forced to appreciate the great outdoors ….pretty sure Mum locked the door behind us when we ventured outside in the dead of winter. To that end, we discovered all sorts of other activities to keep us amused in our snowy playground….snowshoeing, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, tobogganing…you name it, we did it!
Why am I telling you this? Because Fernie has so much more to offer than the incredible skiing that I am so passionate about. For instance, have you ever curled? Now although this isn't outdoors, we just had our Après Christmas Staff Party and we rented out the Fernie Curling Club! What a hoot! Their volunteers were phenomenal - extremely patient and by the end of the evening we were all dreaming about competing in the next Brier or even the Olympics (note to self: wear flat shoes for future curling outings…heels and ice…not a good combo)! I will admit that my favourite part was the yelling…you’re allowed to yell, to shout…..HURRYYYYYYYYY!!
Perhaps that’s a bit too much excitement, so let’s pull it back a bit and head out on one of the Snowshoe Trails for some peace, quiet and serenity. Book an interpretative Snowshoe Tour with Fernie Alpine Resort or pack a lunch and go out on your own and experience the wintertime bike trail system taking in the stunning views of the Lizard Range. In keeping with becoming one with nature, why not grab your Nordic gear and head up to Island Lake Lodge from their parking lot. Their Nordic trail will lead you into their pristine mountain wilderness – go for a loop around the lake, enjoy a delicious lunch, then ski back down the valley for your next activity – dogsledding!
Adventure Source Dogsled Tours is who you want to book with! They have tours to fit everyone’s needs….you can learn to work your own team or be a passenger…this experience will leave you wanting to pack your bags and head to Alaska for the next Iditarod! You want even more of a thrill? Alrighty then…how about adding a little horsepower….I’m talking a snowmobile outing with Prestige Tours. They offer 2 hours of adrenalin and up to a full day with optional BBQ and campfire lunch or dinner.
Speaking of adrenalin, Friday and Saturday nights you can bellow out your best Tarzan impersonation as you soar to new heights on the winter zipline at Fernie Alpine Resort.
You see? There is just no end of the fun to be had in Fernie, BC. Come spend a few nights with us in one of our Polar Peak Lodges or one of our Timberline condos (check out our specials), do some skiing and then book as many activities as you can so that you can go home and announce to all that will listen…..this one time in Fernie I….
Let us plan your vacation – it’s what we do!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Fernie Ski Vacation Needed To Cure Aprés Holiday Blues

So…another holiday season has come and gone…how on earth did that happen? I’m sure it was just recently that I was sharpening my pencil to begin compiling my Christmas list! Oh dear…about that Christmas list….um….okay so I’ve got a good jump on next Christmas haven’t I! Apologies to my family…but at least I called on Christmas Day…didn’t I? Wow….awkward….!! Well, I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season and if you didn’t get a chance to visit us in Fernie yet….what the heck are you waiting for? The snow is phenomenal right now…I’ve been skiing every weekend since opening day and it just gets better and better! I find it very therapeutic getting out there on the hill in the cool, crisp, fresh air…in fact I have had a few life changing epiphanies riding up the Boomerang Chair! I kid you not! My life is no longer clear as mud but as clear as the view from the top of the Polar Peak Chair today! Onwards and upwards I say….skiing or snowboarding is so good for the mind, body and soul! I’ve been in the ski industry my entire life and I’m probably one of the happiest gals you’ll ever meet!
It’s time to rise from that office chair, gather your friends, your family, even your dog….and head for the hills! There is no better time to book that perfect ski in/ski out cozy cabin with private hot tub for you and your 7 friends…or treat the family to a luxurious spacious condo, again with private hot tub and access to the heated outdoor swimming pool! If you book by January 31st we’ll give you 50% off your third night or we’ll give you your 6th night free (blackout dates apply). There are lots of great events coming up including the Kokanee Snow Dreams Festival and Avalanche Awareness Days. Come to Fernie and recharge your batteries! You really don't want to have to use the jumper cables on yourself, do you? The longer you wait the less chance you have of reserving your perfect snowy winter it now! 
Let us plan your vacation - it's what we do!
Photo: Polar Peak Chair
Photo Credit: Klyde DeGroot   

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fernie BC...Where All The Action Is!

Okay I have tried to sit down and write a new post for 3 weeks now….but I've been busy studying for my Masters in...and if you believe that, I have a piece of property in…oh dear…I digress….truth is I just couldn't decide what to write about! Fernie is the coolest town to live in and every time I turn around, there is yet another fun thing to do! From concerts at the Arts StationFilm Festivals at the Community Centre to Ghostrider Hockey Games at the Fernie Memorial Arena there is just never a dull moment!
Opening weekend at Fernie Alpine Resort is fast approaching and let me tell you….that gets me SO excited! I am marking off the days on my calendar…the countdown has begun….December 1 is the big day! Let the bells ring out and the banners fly! Before you know it, you’ll be hootin’ and hollerin’ down Linda’s Run, Currie Powder or Stag Leap on that pristine champagne powder day! Pumped yet? Well you should be….we anticipate another epic snow year and the best news of all is that I have commenced my Snow Dancing as of Nov 1, so let the flakes fly! Speaking of flying, heli skiing isn’t the only non lift assisted skiing and snowboarding to partake in…how ‘bout some catskiing? No matter what the weather, you can all ski/snowboard together and Island Lake is the place to go. 2013 is their 25th Anniversary and in conjunction with that they are releasing an illustrated history book of Island Lake and the Cedar Valley in about 4 weeks time.
So have you booked your Christmas vacation in Fernie yet? We still have some availability in our Polar Peak LodgesSnow Creek LodgeBear Paw Lodge and Timberline Lodge. Things are filling up quickly so don’t delay! If you do come for Christmas, please ask at the time of booking about our add-on Christmas Package consisting of a 6 foot pre-lit Christmas Tree, a tree skirt, ornaments, tree topper and the best thing of all…my ‘world famous’ homemade shortbread cookies!
If you’re coming to Fernie ahead of the hustle bustle of Christmas, we have a few deals for you! Stay and Ski early this winter….3rd night half price for check-ins up to Dec 21 on all properties and no blackout dates or book 3 nights and get the 4th FREE at The Timbers or River Rock Lodge!!
Let us take care of your vacation – it’s what we do!
Photo Credit: Heather Boyd