Monday, September 24, 2012

First Class Fishing in Fernie’s Famous Elk River

Well that’s a mouthful and a half….wasn’t really sure how to word it but there you have it…..we have a fishing paradise here in Fernie and men, women and children come from all over the world to test our waters. Fish stories are exchanged daily over mugs of steaming latt├ęs and cappuccinos….about the one that got away…it was how big?? Now in all fairness, I am not a seasoned fisherwoman… fact I can’t quite recall my last fishing expedition but I’m sure it involved dragging the bottom of a lake, yards of tangled fishing line and expletives not fit to post. I know, I know….I need to at least give it a go now that I live here! My son is heading out this way on the weekend to do some fishing and he invited me to go with him…I told him I’d sit on the shore and read a book….and cheer when he reels in the big one!  Such a good Mum!!
The weather is ideal right now for fishing…the days are still warm and sunny and although the nights are cooler, fall fishing is fantastic! I’ve even noticed some new hatches of little flying creatures stuck in my teeth when I’m out for a run by the river…I’m sure they have some name like Baitis or October Caddis. You can venture out on your own, but to find that perfect deep pool or sweet foam line, you’d be best to take a guided fishing adventure with one of our experienced and professional guiding companies. You can choose from Fernie Fly Fishing, Kootenay Fly Shop and Guiding Co., Elk River Guiding Company or Fernie Wilderness Adventures – they can all provide you with one of your most memorable fishing expeditions ever and help you reel in the big one that didn’t get away!
Now after a day on the river wrestling with “Fishzilla”, you’ll probably want to rest those tired, aching muscles. Why not book a spa treatment at our very own King Fir Spa. Choose a Restorative & Relaxing Classic Massage or a Sports Massage or any one of the wonderful services we offer. Then check in to one of our cozy log cabins or condo suites with your own private hot tub and soak the night away. We still have some great summer accommodation specials – don’t miss out!
So as summer continues to grace our valley with all it’s splendor, the leaves are starting to turn and before we know it the snow will fly! Christmas and New Year’s are not that far away. Book today! What are you waiting for? If you visit us for a Fernie Christmas, don’t forget to ask about our Christmas Package including a tree, ornaments, tree topper, tree skirt and the best thing of all….some of my world famous shortbread cookies!
Let us take care of your vacation – it’s what we do!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Remember December… Fernie BC

Why on earth I am thinking about December is beyond me! I mean really…we still have blue skies, sunshine, trails to explore, golf to play and fish to catch! I suppose that with the colder nights, one can’t help but start to dream about snow capped mountains, face shots and Mogul Smokers at the Griz Bar!
I awoke with a start yesterday morning as I heard a strange roaring noise coming from below my bedroom…sounded like the train had taken a wrong turn and was detouring through the house or at the very least the trolls that live under the house were coming to take me away! I pulled the covers tightly over my head awaiting the worst when it occurred to me that the whole train thing was quite ridiculous and trolls were only supernatural beings in Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore. What the….oh wait…..the furnace….the furnace? Oh no! That means it’s likely frosty outside! Frost? Ah! Sue’s garden! I’m house sitting for her and I promised to take care of her prized, world famous tomatoes! I shot out of bed, threw on what I thought was my housecoat (turns out it was the rug that was beside my bed) and dashed out to the moonlit garden  still somewhat wary of the trolls.  I gathered those tomatoes in record time and returned to the house. Whew! Disaster diverted! So yes, the nights have caused many Fernie furnaces to leap to life, but the days are still so beautiful! The leaves are begrudgingly starting to turn to some yellows and oranges and a few are even starting to drift from the branches when a breeze sneaks up and tickles them. Now I’m still not going to do any snow dancing because I have a few items on my bucket list to get through before that first blanket of white, but there’s nothing wrong with dreaming about a White Christmas!
Speaking of Christmas, have you booked your holiday to Fernie yet? Well, I suggest you get on it! We have some cozy condos, chalets and lodges available….fireplaces, private hot tubs and fully equipped kitchens with ovens big enough to roast that turkey in. We even have a Christmas Package available as an add-on when you book your accommodation including a pre-lit Christmas Tree, ornaments, tree topper, tree skirt and even a box of my homemade Christmas cookies.  Let us take care of your vacation – it’s what we do!
We’ll make your Fernie dreams come true.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Don’t Say “There’s Always Next Summer”…..It’s Still Summer in Fernie BC!

It seems once Labour Day Weekend has come and gone and the kids are back in school, everyone is of the same mind…..summer is over…sigh….but wait!! It is absolutely not over! For starters, the first day of Fall is September 22 and at my tally, that’s 17 days away! So lift that chin up….way up….and have a look at what awaits you! Open your eyes and mind to the endless activities that Fernie has to offer! Whether you want to hike our beautiful trails, mountain bike our well maintained single tracks, swing your clubs at our immaculately manicured golf course or fish in our pristine river…there’s still lots of time! As I mentioned last week, the dog days of summer are still with us. Yes the evenings are cooler but the stars still dance merrily above us and the moon shines down on us in brilliant splendour. Speaking of the moon…were you able to view the Blue Moon over the weekend? Did you sleep under it? No? Well I did!! Yup….Saturday night my friend and I slept out on his deck under the twinkling stars and the brightest moon I’ve ever seen. I almost had to wear my sunglasses to catch a few z’s! When I finally stopped star gazing and drifted off, I had the deepest, most peaceful sleep ever and as the morning sun bathed me in its warmth it put a smile on my face and a song in my heart….oh wow that sounded sappy…you get the idea…it was awesome!
There are also some great events yet to come this month….Fernie Terry Fox RunTears and Gears Mountain Duathlon,Fernie Kids Tri and the Emily Brydon Youth Foundation Golf Tournament. There are concerts at the Arts Station and live music at the Brick House. So you see? Still time to enjoy Fernie before donning the down jackets, toques, gloves and winter boots.  We have September Savings or Summer Savings on all our vacation properties.
So yes, I am dwelling on summer, but it’s a fact that winter will be along with a vengeance before we know it! Not quite time to start our snow dancing but have you booked your winter wonderland getaway yet? What? No? Well, check out our Book Early and Save This Winter or our Winter Long Stay Specials and picture yourself curled up in front of a cozy fire in a condo suite, chalet, lodge, log cabin or resort home. Don’t miss out on making this your best winter yet!
Let us make your Fernie dreams come true.

Skiers set for fun fall, says outlook

great news for Fernie... Skiers set for fun fall, says outlook